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Ground Low

Ground Low with 45 cm wood legs, it is a stunning portable freestanding fire for indoor and outdoor patio areas. Great for apartments and living areas it stands at a lower height 80cm in total providing warmth and comfort at armchair level and a lounge room area or when chilling out on the sofa. Ground low is a clean, smokeless alternative to replace older coal or wood fire grates. Ground Low comes with Smooked Oak, Black Oak and Soaptreated Oak legs.

What is bioethanol

Bioethanol is a spirit produced by biomass, so as to be used as fuel, with the advantage of having a clean combustion. Spritten is produced by a sugar starch, which usually comes from two different sources: 1st generation bioethanol made of 'edible' plant parts. 2nd generation bioethanol is made from plant waste or straw. Through a fermentation process, the starch is utilized in the biomass, which is converted to bioethanol. Environmentally speaking, bioethanol is a very good alternative to the most widely used fuel types, as it is CO2 neutral. In addition, the production of bioethanol contributes to an increased self-sufficiency in the energy field

The eco-friendly fireplace

CO2 neutral fuel

Can be used inside or outside

Take it on the terrace in winter

Danish award winning design

Classic, simple and timeless design

Easy to set up

Set up in 10 minutes

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